Candy List
This is a list of our everyday candy selection. It varies based on seasonal availability and new items being released or re-released. We make every attempt to update out of stock items right away, but If you need a specific item, please call to confirm availability.
Top Sellers:

1. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls
2. Cadbury Curlywurly (the former Mars Marathon bar) (temp. out)
3. Satellite Wafers
4. PEZ dispensers
5. Zotz - assorted flavors
6. French Chew - Vanilla
7. Harry Potter Chocolate Frog (temp. out)
8. Soda Can Fizzy Candy
9. Sweet Tooth boxed chocolates
10. Giant Gummy Bear on Stick 1/2 lb
11. Candy Cigarettes
12. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (temp. out)
13. Albanese 12-Flavor Gummi Bears
14. Chick-O-Stick
15. Giant Gummy Bear 5lb
16. Swedish Fish
17. Frooties
18. Broadway Rolls - Strawberry
19. "Wonka" customized candy bars (temp. out)
20. PEZ candy refills
21. Candy Buttons (temp. out)
22. Caramel Creams
23. Rock Candy
24. Wax Lips (temp. out)
25. Sixlets

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